The art of slow sipping and intentional living.

Born out of a love for our origins, we’re driven by culture, community, and sourcing great coffee from the African diaspora.

We’re passionate about the heritage we’re cultivating in every aspect of what we do; resulting in exceptional quality and coffee central to the favourite part of your day.

Meticulously hand sorted, our beans are grown at high altitudes– mainly in Brazil and Guji, Ethiopia. We believe that great coffee should be a point of connection, a daily ritual curated for the discerning coffee aficionado, the daily drinker, and your roommate’s auntie who is visiting for the weekend (she doesn’t usually drink coffee much but she’ll try it this once).

We are motivated by a love for the personal ritual of coffee, in tandem with a daily rhythm of work and creation.

Decades of experience, a deep connection to Toronto culture and a flourishing coffee community inspired our founders to start a new coffee collective; one based on quality, beautiful beans, and slow, intentional roasting.