Nile Radio Club 006: Hala

Nile Radio Club 006: Hala

This month our guest mix features Hala. She talks journaling as a practice and coffee as ritual.

1. Have you taken on any new rituals lately?

Journaling, although I've been slacking lately I've noticed the positive impact it has on my mental space.

Hala sitting drinking coffee

2. What song in your mix gets you the most elevated? What song is the most chill?

That's a tough one. Antidote makes me wanna get up and dance while Let's Talk It Out by Matt Corby and Tash Sultana never fails to put me in good spirit. I always picture myself sitting on the passenger seat of convertible car driving somewhere by the beach or the countryside, windows rolled down, wind blowing in my hair whenever I listen to it.

Most chill song would have to be a tie between Tom Bailey Voodoo Woman and Call It What You Want by

3. If you could spend a month in the hills of a coffee farm, where would you go, and why?

Ethiopia or somewhere in east Sudan. What I love the most is the process, setting the mood by playing music and lighting Bakhoor (traditional incense). Drinking "Jabana" in Sudan or "Bunna" as Ethiopians call it is an entire ritual that I would love to explore more of.

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