Nile Radio Club 004: Chris Wilson

Nile Radio Club 004: Chris Wilson


This month our guest mix features Toronto's very own Chris Wilson. 

1. What are your fondest memories around coffee with friends or family?

A lot of my fondest memories around coffee are from my time in London, England. It’s where I really started to appreciate the art of making a good espresso, the taste and the smell.

Working at the Ace Hotel, I spent all my time in our coffee shop. I would have so many conversations with the baristas, hotel guests and people that lived in the neighbourhood about anything and everything.

You never knew who was going to be there and it felt like everyone came by to just kick it and chill.

No one ever just grabbed a coffee and left. It had this barbershop vibe to it where even though you finished your coffee you still found yourself for hours after cracking jokes, floating in and out of peoples conversations and shooting the shit. It was definitely a special energy and I believe that’s how going for coffee should feel like.

2. What song on this mix really got you through the past few weeks?

JTS by Salute has been my joint these past few weeks and for a long time to be honest. There is a celestial mood that grabs your attention from the moment the song starts.

Then, once the chorus drops, you feel the four on the floor vibe kick in with the rock of this soft kick drum and you start to groove.

It’s that kind of joint that makes you close your eyes and get lost in yourself.

3. We always want to know where you’d travel if you had a chance to hit up a coffee farm.

Hands down East Africa. Anything to do with the motherland I’m there. I’ve yet to go and need to go, so theres no other option.


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