Nile Radio Club 002: Ore Sami

Nile Radio Club 002: Ore Sami


Our guest for this month is Ore Sami from Sample Chief. 

1. When you make coffee for yourself, what’s your quirky ritual? (Let it cool for for 2mins, add an ice cube, drink it extra scalding, pray over the milk?)

I add a heaped teaspoon of Milo, it's a chocolate powder that adds sweetness to it.  

2. What song in your mix gets you the most elevated? What song is the most chill?

 Definitely the second song, Village Boogie by Steve Black. It's one of the grooviest songs I've ever heard. There's no wrong time to play it.

The most chill is Enjoy it by Om Alec Khaloi. It's so perfect for a night time drive. 

3. If you could spend a month in the hills of a coffee farm, where would you go, and why? 

I'd probably go to Kenya. I hear they have great coffee there and the weather is great. 


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