Nile Radio Mix 003: Shav

Nile Radio Mix 003: Shav


Our guest for this month is Shav Hasfal-Mcintosh

1. When you make coffee for yourself, what’s your quirky ritual? (Let it cool for for 2mins, add an ice cube, drink it extra scalding, pray over the milk?)

I’m new to this whole world of coffee. Something about being home 24/7, the boundaries between work and home being skewed, and being on Zoom calls all day had me tired as hell and had me looking for new ways to break up the day. Cue experimenting with coffee. I mean my quirks generally as a human are bountiful so with my coffee ritual I’ve developed a couple of them. I essentially give myself a face steam with my cuppa. I bring that mug right up close to my nose and face, inhale deeply (let the scent flow through and energize me) 4 times, then let the steam hit my face, eyes closed, and then proceed to my desk to sip on it slowly. 

2. What song in your mix gets you the most elevated? What song is the most chill? 

Why do you have to do me like this? Damn this is a hard question. I mean I won’t lie my nickname should be 6 goddess because my love for our boy Drizzy runs deep and I’m a true Toronto ting but I think my hype song on this list has to be Triumph.  The way the energy verse over verse builds, the unique flow of every MC, the way my blood starts to rush as soon as I hear “I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses...” I mean DAMN! The most chill song for me is definitely Water Runs Dry by Boyz II Men. I mean every time I hear it I think of the tragic end of my grade six romance so even though it brings up this feels bad makes me feel some type of way it’s definitely the most chill on this playlist.

3. If you could spend a month in the hills of a coffee farm, where would you go, and why?  

I’m half Grenadian and half Jamaican and growing up went to Grenada every summer. I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Jamaica to get in touch with that part of my culture so I’m going to go with Jamaican and Blue Mountain coffee is a real ting so I would want to spend time learning about the process front to end.


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